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First the world, now ASIA. The Socceroos are close to make history. In 1973 Australia went over Asia to go to the World Cup, this time it’s the Asian Cup.
And we will have a good chance if all the players are going. A big tournament and, with luck, the first major titel for Australia. No more Oceania Cups, this time its Asia and than South Africa. Football Australia is nomore a nowheres land, and the Asian nations are afraid.
The head of Kuwait's Olympic Committee, Sheikh Talah al Fahd al Sabah, calling for Australia to be kicked out of Asia.

First they tried it on the pitch, without success. Now he asked Japan and South Korea to kick the Aussies out, and we have to wait how it works. If NOT on the field, he will try political ways.
“Australia is not in Asia,” he said. “No Kangaroos in Asia,” but is a Camel an typical Asian animal ????

"I would like to coach Australia, but you know from the outset that you won't win anything," said Louis Van Gaal, Bonds coach in the years 2000-02.
"I want to coach a country I can win something with," Van Gaal said. But Van Gaal said also that a move to Australia is still a possibility. WE HOPE NOT.

Stay in cheese country, the country that won sooooo many titles.

Thailand's biggest football superstar Teeratep Winothai believes that it
will be the Socceroo captain who will be holding up the Asian Cup trophy
next July.

"The best teams in the tournament are Japan, South Korea and
Australia... who I think will win it."

Zeh German is trying to go to Thailand, but his Boss said NO...... You want to go in November to Australia, thats enough, no more holidays. Time to Quit ????????

Lazaridis reportedly tested positive for finasteride, a substance used in treatment for hair loss.
Now Stan is close to facing a possible two year suspension.
Zeh German talked to Stanley, and made a photo to wittnes that he NEVER used something for hair growing.
But....Stan....., your words in our ears, but something is wrong with you ?????????

stanley.jpg (10702 Byte)

09-Headline.gif (8439 Byte)
Matthew Spiranovic, high talented Australian player signed for Nuremberg in Deutschland.
Since than Joe “I love red cards” Simunic (Hertha Berlin) talked many times to him to get this young player for the Croatian national team.
But Matt always said, "I can become a nationalised Croatian, but I has always said that I wanted to play for Australia.”
WOW, he is zeh Germans hero now.
The days of surfing Johnston are over.
Of course he wants to play for the better team, and this is Australia.
ZehGerman said, let Matt play against Uruguay. Cap him then and the issue is dead and buried.

The German is making a fan site. So if you ever took a picture together with that krazy guy, please send it and we will put it on the Southern Cross web site.

Cu soon.......zeh Krazy

Socceroos team manager Gary Moretti has been promoted to an elite group of FIFA "royal family members." Moretti has been head-hunted by soccer's governing body as Australia's very first FIFA co-ordinator at major tournaments.
"It's equivalent to being selected on a FIFA All-Stars team," an ecstatic Moretti said.
We said this months before, Gary is a Champion.

15 Days in June, that’s the new Football book coming on the market at June 1. How Australia Became a Football Nation, published by Hardie Grant Books and written by Jesse Fink.
This book is a must to read, because Jesse spent the whole World Cup time in Germany, he had a lot to tell........

.....See ya  .........

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