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This year, 2006, will be the World Cup year. That's the reason why zeh krazy German made his own column, with his own words, in his typical bloody English, wrong and full of grammatical mistakes. Think - laugh - cry about it, and have your say, but he hopes to see you all in old Germany.

Also at the Telstra Stadium for the Uruguay match was the 1974 coach
Rale Rasic, who sees current incumbent Guus Hiddink as the key to Australian success ahead of their second foray to Germany. "We don't speak about coaches very often," he said. "But this man deserves every credit because he's the one who has transformed this team from an ordinary unit into a very successful and extremely competent and well-organised unit."

Michelle Littbarski is still in the big brother house. As a present, she got a book with newspaper clipping about her father. With tears in her eyes, she said on TV that she wants to talk to him, and that she miss him badly. I want to tell him all about my life…….yes, and about your crocodile tears.

Christian Vieri, brother of Max, was voted as the worst player in the Seria A. He got three times more votes than the second. Voting was made by the radio station Catersport. Christian left Italy short after that. FIFA Magazine asked Krazy German to write a story about the two brothers, if they will play each other in the second round. Maybe we will have this game, but without any Vieri.

Frank Jurics contract finished at the end of the season. The goalkeeper from Hangover 96 is happy with his club, and they with him.
"Frank is important for the team, he never made trouble, is hard in training, also if he knows that he is just the second choice", said the manager, " and we want to keep him longer."
But Frank, now 32 years young, has the idea to get back to Australia. "I want to give something back to my country. I want to play in the A League," he said to the krazy German.
Wait Frank, after they tell you how much money you can earn down under, you will warm the bench for the next 10 years in my town.

Do ya know this ????
In 1911, at the game Leichhardt vs. HMS Powerful, the players used for the first time numbers on there shirts. In 1912, it became a law in NSW Soccer, that teams had to use back numbers.Important point, they have to us different numbers.
So it was made by the Aussies, not by the British Federation, as many thought.

03-Headline.gif (12283 Byte)

Geelong-raised Joey Didulica blames former Socceroos coach Frank Farina
for his decision to play for Croatia over Australia. Didulica says he finally agreed to don the red and white chequered jersey after continually being overlooked by Farina for Socceroos duty. It hurt to be
rejected by the country you love and dreamed of playing for as a kid. It would have taken just one minute in one match to lock me in for Australia. What hurts the most is that Frank Farina never even came to watch me in action, even when I was the only Australian playing in the
Champions League. I find that very disappointing.


Zeh Krazy German found a fantastic Hotel for the Socceroos, at Rotenburg in north Germany. Now the Roos playing at the end of Germany and T&T made the decision to stay up there. The town and the T&T crew heard about the krazy man from Hangover and send them an invitation to come to the player Hotel in summer. We heard that they want that man as there first supporter. Wake up Australia !! The germn still has no tickets for the Aussie games. He waited 32 years for that moment...............
But with him are thousend of other football crazy Australians.

Who will be the next World Cup captain for the Socceroos ?
Viduka or Moore ?
We have at the moment only one.... legend Peter Wilson in 1974.
Vice captain in 74 was Ray Baartz.
As we all know, Ray get nearly killed short before the Cup.
So the coach and the team named Johnny Warren as the second one, also as an honour to the great Johnny Warren.
Warren slipped as one of the last players into the 22 man squad.

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