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Yeah, they are back, back to my country. That's the reason why zeh krazy German starts his own column, with his own words, in his typical bloody English, wrong and full of grammatical mistakes. Think - laugh - cry about it, and have your say.
He is happy and he was there to watch the game. It took 31 year and a world class coach to go over Rale Rasic's record. Australia went crazy, the Socceroos are back in town, Germany here we come……

Krueger scored. Few days before the game he was in Telstra Stadium for a photo session. He grabbed a ball, runs from the middle and scored from the penalty spot. He later told no one in what side, but it was the goal, the one Bresciano and Aloisi scored.
Forget the Voodoo stuff from 1969,
this time Krueger was the man who
made it............

The Australians are coming to Germany,
but Jessi Krncevic is the first. He is for a
training in Hamburg with St.Pauli. On his 
first day he broke one finger, uhhps,
maybe he wears a ring ?

On Australian Soccer Weekly, Frank Farina said he was surprised by Guus tactics. Frank said, if he still was the coach, he had done some things different. We all know that Frank !!
At the Daily Telegraph he said, when he lost his job, his request was to keep the back room staff in place, because without them we probably wouldn't go to Germany. Frank, that was never a question. As Lowy said, we changed nothing, just on thing - The coach

Australia has there first World Cup Champion. Gary Moretti.
Training camps, flight arrangements, the brilliant luxury journey back, while the Urus travelled as backpackers, busses to hotels and camps. 100% perfect....
The Germans think they are perfect in organizing things.
But, zeh KrazyGerman pulls his cap of for Gary. Mate, you are a real champion.

The programme of the Uruguay game was a shocker.
It was the game for going back to Germany, but the 74 team, the one who made it first, got no mention.
The late Jimmy Mackay, the hero from Hong Kong ? Not one word about him. He died years ago and would be so proud to see his Socceroos going back to the cup. But, we found something from the past in the programme. A one page photo of Rale Rasic's team St.George, winning the Toyota Cup in 1971. Shrunk ????
In a coffee shop, near the airport, zeh German had a chat with some football fans. One told him, that Australia's first captain back in 1922 was Alex Gibb. Another guy looked confused and said,
" I thought it was Johnny Warren ?"
We all had a big laugh over hours. Mate, don't watch to much LesBS

World Cup Qualifier, last penalty,Aloisi,
live on SBS. Simon Hill : If he scores we are in....Foster : Are you sure ?

Harry Williams was the first Aboriginal player who ever played in a World Cup. And what a player he was.
Days ago, before the Sydney FC – Queensland game, the 74 boys went for the Kick of on the field, but - they missed Harry. One of the FC officials wanted to look for Harry in the Stadium, “but how can I recognize him “? ..was his question. All started with big laughing, especiall when Bobby Hoog said, “ search quick before its getting dark outside….

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