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WE ARE BACK............................

Lads, I am very very sorry to come back so late.
This column was just a World Cup anecdote, but many people ask me to go on with my story’s. So we made the decision, to do that. Not monthly but from time to time.   zeh krazy German starts his own column again, with his own words, in his typical bloody English, wrong and full of grammatical mistakes. Think - laugh - cry about it, and have your say.

Difficult to start, after  2006. The World Cup year is over. Long time ago, but the German is still frustrated, not about his team more about the bloody Referees. Watch the replay of Italy vs. Ghana, T&T vs. England and you will see, the Football World was against the exotics.

Australia was different. Against Japan, Schwarzer was fouled, and Nippon scored. The Ref said after the game, “I am sorry for that.”

The German Markus Merk in the game vs. Brazil, SHOCKING. Against Croatia, what can we say. Not given penalty’s, three yellows for one player, offside goals, and the winning goal in the last second……not given.

But than the Italy match. The World of Soccer was angry. Kaiser Beckenbauer said it was a scandal. Pele means the Ref was a blind man, he needs a dog to leave the field. But, too late. Luis Cantalejo (Spain) was also the man in the Uruguay game back in 2005. He brought us to the Cup and he kicked us out.

Senor El Bandito

The father of Krazy Krueger walked around Hanover after the Australia – Italy match. He was wearing a Socceroo shirt (who gave him that?). It was the match day of Spain vs. France. Thousands of Spanish fans are in Hangover town. Many people stopped Dad on the street and told him “excuse us, we are very sorry for you and your team. Our man in black was a scandal for our country”

The Away Game, based on the book of the same name by Matthew Hall, follows the lives of a number of Australian footballers who play in overseas, won "Best Cinematography" at the 26th Palermo International Sports Film Festival in Italy (Italy ?????.....respect).
First broadcast on SBS, during the 2006 FIFA World Cup, screening on the National Geographic Channel, was first broadcast . Now its on inflight entertainment on Qantas and it will appear on Cathay Pacific routes internationally.

Cu soon.......zeh Krazy
The German is making a fan site. So if you ever take a picture together with that krazy guy, please send it and we will put it on the Southern Cross web site.

We followed in Hollywood the OSCAR nominations, we waited the whole night for the words….”and the Oscar goes too - Fabio Grosso – Italian football diver.

The Krazy German got a postcard, from his friend and legend Peter Captain Socceroo Wilson. “I read in the newspaper that you are now a member of the Hall of Fame. What a big honour. Congratulations mate. Pete.”
Wow. We are sure it was his first card since 1982, when he send a message to APIA Soccer Club, after they robbed him his money. But for sure with different words…………..

A big thank you to all the people who came to Germany in 2006. Australian fans are the best on the World. Hope you like old Deutschland, the “we pay to much taxes country.” You saw the best summer since 150 years, it was maybe the last time before we will get a Russian chancellor.....See ya  .........

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