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This year, 2006, will be the World Cup year. That's the reason why zeh krazy German made his own column, with his own words, in his typical bloody English, wrong and full of grammatical mistakes. Think - laugh - cry about it, and have your say, but he hopes to see you all in old Germany.

These are zhe years after Scheinflug. Australia started in Asia with a shocker. No U17 WC with the Joeys. The krazy German said, after some Websites for kicking coaches out, like and (happy not to see, we need now the BBL !!!! ..........…

The "golden Camera", given by a German Magazine to the World Cup Champions in 1990, was sold on Ebay by Littbarskis ex wife. She said, "I don't need this stuff anymore". She sold also some Cups and medals. All things Pierre got in his long career.
The other shocker is, Michelle, his daughter, is kicked out of the Big Brother house after 349 days.
Good thing, the Camera prize was sold for 2,217 Euro.

Guus said Australia is playing a friendly in the week before the WC, Liechtenstein in Vaduz or Luxemburg will be the opponent. Easy going for the Roos ???
Damian Mori, Perth Glory, is in the list of the World's most successful
Top Division Goal Scorer among the still active Players on place 4. just
behind Romario, Brazil (first place), Cardozo (Paraguay) and Alan
Shearer (England). Hakan Sükür (Turkey) is just 2 goals behind him.

11.820.000 people watched the ConfedCup game Germany vs. Australia on TV. Rank 3, after the German games vs. Brazil and Mexico.

The Krazy German got an invitation to the World Cup Gala in Oehringen. He will represent the Socceroos. Well done.......
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The Away Game is back. This classic book about Australian players in Europe will be re-released in May 2006. The new edition is updated and revised with new interviews and stories from behind the scenes of Aussie football, from Monte- video to Hangover, promises true stories about guns, drugs, and sacrificed goats. Of course its again made by Matthew "the fame of" Hall,
..........but that's not all…........
..Rale told the truth to Ray Gatt.
The Rale Rasic Story is coming out in May. Socceroos first World Cup coach well tell us everything. The launch will be in Mai in Sydney, where some of the biggest names in Australian sport are expected to attend as well as the majority of the 1974 Socceroos.
A must for all fans, and you can learn that Australian football had a time before the WC 2006.
Do ya know this ????
George Smith, is Australia's leading goal scorer for the green and gold.
A product of the small mining town of Coledale NSW, Smith turned out to
be one of the most effective goal scoring centre-forwards between the two wars.

He was a physical giant, over 6ft, 14.5 stone and of a very athletic build. In attack he knew no fear and used his height and weight with devastating effect.
Although he scored hundreds of goals with his feet, his effective headwork put him in the super-star class.
He played often for Australia and NSW and captained both.
George Smith scored over 60 goals for Australia (incl. tests).

World Cup 2006
- Australia played against Japan. No hectic, it's the Hanover Cup.
32 schools around Krazy Kruegers town played the WC a few month before the real one.
And the school in a small village called Mellendorf, ex home town  of KK's wife, is kicking for Australia.
The teams are kids of the age between 12 and 15 years. The game was not sold out, but around  250 Aussie  crazy
fans singing songs from down under. Flags, a big Kangaroo, drums made everything perfect.
They played the national anthems before the match, the Australian boys standing straight, with there hands on there harts.
The Schoolroos played in blue, with big letters on the back : AUSTRALIA.
But it was bloody cold, and light snow fall. 0-1 down at half time, we came back to the game. 2-1 after a few minutes
in the second. Krueger made a telephone call to Sydney to tell the news.
But when he hang on, the game finished 2-5. Bad, and next week they have to play Brazil.
Come on boys, no hang over, its Australia. We bought a match programme of the Cup, DIN4, colour and 80 pages,
sensationell Looks much better than the b/w DIN4 one page flyer of the Garand Final betweenMarconi and St.George 1972......
See ya next month.........

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