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This year, 2006, will be the World Cup year. That's the reason why zeh krazy German made his own column, with his own words, in his typical bloody English, wrong and full of grammatical mistakes. Think - laugh - cry about it, and have your say, but he hopes to see you all in old Germany.
AND NOW WE ARE IN    ........

History was made. Australias first win at a World Cup, and Tim Cahill was the first scorer. This will stay for the rest time, doesent matter how many times the
Team will go to a WC.

Krazy Krueger's exhibition in 2dotstown. Over the World Cup, you can see a lot of photos and memorabilia at the Bank (Sparkasse) of Oehringen. Don't miss it.

The Socceroo exhibition of Krazy
Krueger was a big success. On the opening day a lot of people came from all over the World. FFA sends 5 officials. Krueger gots a Boomerang as a present.
It was more symbolic.
"A Boomerang comes always back, "

said Mr.Boultbee, " and we hope Andre comes always back to Australia."

Zeh German saw John Kosmina at the training centre in 2Dots Town Under. Krueger is sure that Kossie will head up for a job at FFA, after Hiddink and Neeskens went of for the big money.

Big Willie told zeh German on the phone, that he is looking forward to see the Socceroos winning. Wilson said,
"I hope they will play a great World Cup, so they will stop talking about the time when I was Captain and I can go on with my life." We will never see that man from the mountains again...............

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Socceroo fan legend Donny Parkes was in 2Dots town. He was nearly everywhere and when he get lost in the Oehringer Outback, he stopped a police car and asked to bring him back to his Hotel. "They are so friendly here," he said," they paid me my Apfelsaft. I love Germany."

Another legend was in Kaiserslautern. Jim Scane, World Cup supporter of 1974, aged 92. His flight was sponsored by the Emirates airline. When the German said after the game good by to him he answered, "no…my time is close, this will be my last World Cup." We don't hope so mate.

The third legend was former Socceroo and Olympic games 1956 player Ted Smith, who walked around in the town. After zeh krazy German told the media that Teddy was a star in the old days, he had to made a lot of interviews for the German press. Later kids recognized him on the street. He was a celebrity again. Only channel 9 lost control. When they made a live interview via satellite to Australia they said, "we have a Socceroo here, his name is Ted Backer……."

Cu soon.......zeh Krazy

Tony Vidmar, victim of a poor injury, was seen near the trainings facility. He looked sad. When he stepped inside of a train to Stuttgart, he drove away from his dream, the World Cup.

2Dots town paid a one week Hotel in town for the German and his wife.
From FFA he got a card to pass inside of the trainings ground and the hotel. So he left his wife outside. A minute later she came in too, with a card around her neck "access all areas."

Zeh German was near the Socceroos bench for the game versus Japan. No one was singing the national anthem louder than Johan Neeskens. He learned the text in a crash test.

In Munich, zeh German saw two girls with a paper on there backs, "trade sex for tickets." Yes, lets change. We need two tickets, one said, and you can have both of us - Yes I have 2 Tickets…zeh German answered. But, he don't want to miss the game, so he cancelled. Result : Sex is wonderful, but only second behind football.

See ya in Berlin.........

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