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This year, 2006, will be the World Cup year. That's the reason why zeh krazy German made his own column, with his own words, in his typical bloody English, wrong and full of grammatical mistakes. Think - laugh - cry about it, and have your say, but he hopes to see you all in old Germany.

Football Federation Australia chairman Frank Lowy has confirmed a seven-year deal worth "in excess of $120 million" with pay television broadcaster Fox Sports. The agreement will see all Australian home internationals, the Asian Cup, A-League and AFC Champions League
broadcast exclusively live on Fox Sports from 2007. NOW we can buy Ronaldinho for Sydney FC ???

Krazy Krueger will make a big Football exhibition in 2dotstown. Over the World Cup, you can see a lot of photos and memorabilia at the Bank (Sparkasse) of Oehringen. Don't miss it. Krueger will be there.
Last month an autograph of Krueger was sold on Ebay for 8 Euros. So get one,
keep it for your kids, maybe in 100 years you will make the big money Look @

Frank Juric played his first official match for Hangover 96. Against M'Gladbach, 2:2, he came in for the injured Robert Enke. Frank also had some health problems, but he wanted to play. "I have not many chances to play, so please let me play", he said to the coach. He had no chance to keep his goal cleen.

The big shock of the month is…Tony Vidmar will miss the Cup. Our veteran, penalty hero. Sad sad. Some people said he is to old, but you are never to old to play the game. He was brilliant in both games against Uruguay.
Tony we will miss you badly.
All the best to you.

So Guus named the 23 players. Ljubo Milicevic is not inside, but he played a good season in Switzerland. No Elrich or Griffiths, Kisnorbo but at all a good team.
.Paul Agostino was for a few times the captain of 1860 Munich.
He said he has still hopes for the World Cup, but as we now know, no chance.
But uncapped Joshua Kennedy is in, that means 2000 Dynamo Fans are on the Aussie side.
06-Headline.gif (7962 Byte)
Guus wants to go. He will go to the cold and money country.
"We're in a very good situation in that it will be seamless when Ruuski Guus leaves, for the time being, with Graham Arnold and Johann Neeskens ready to take our teams to the Asian Cup if we haven't totally completed the task of
naming a new coach." With the poverty of experience in the Australian coaching ranks, Arnold aside, only Adelaide United's John Kosmina could be considered a possible candidate. While he would love the job, the A-League mentor is not holding his breath waiting for a call from the FFA.

"I'll always put my hand up for it but the reality is that they will probably stick with an overseas coach and to be honest I don't really dispute that," Kossie said.

Cu soon.......zeh Krazy

At the Hangover kids Cup, the Schoolroos went out in the first round.
After the loss against Japan (2:5), they kicked Croatia off the field (7:0) but against Brazil, the party was over.

They lost 9:0.

Injured Socceroos and Everton star Tim Cahill was targeted by rival Liverpool fans in a bar having a champagne bottle thrown at him. Just hours after suffering a knee
ligament injury that has sidelined him for the rest of the Premier League season, Cahill was out on the town in Liverpool where he was spotted by Reds supporters, Everton's fierce city rival.

They try everything to destroy our team, but they will have no chance. We are the
Aussies and we called the Socceroos, and if you are an Aussie than you
know we can not lose.
See ya next month.........
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