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The Football Federation Australia's Football Hall of Fame was formed in 1996 as the Soccer Hall of Fame to honour outstanding services to association football in Australia. There are three separate levels of awards, with different but equivalent levels for contributions made 'on the pitch' and those made 'off the pitch'
Hall of Champions    (players) / Hall of Honour (non-players)        Medal of Excellence (players) / Roll of Honour (non-players)
Award of Distinction (players) / Roll of Honour (non-players)
       To be inducted into the Hall of Fame is a highly prestigious honour.

Hall of fame Andre Krüger
In November 2006, André Krüger from Hanover was inducted into Australia's Football Hall of Fame in Sydney.
André Krüger, born in 1960, was born in Hanover. He was infected by the Australia virus at a young age.

His first stuffed animals were a kangaroo and a koala. In 1974, at the World Cup in Germany, in which the Australians took part for the first time, his passion for the footballers from Down Under was awakened.

Over decades he created the largest Socceroos football collection outside of the 5th continent. Krüger is considered one of the first football historians and statisticians for ball sports in Australia.

In Australia he is known like a sore thumb. The Australians affectionately call him “Crazy Krueger”. The local media always reported in detail about his travel plans to Aboriginal land. Krüger's arrivals are announced in the press the day before. He is a frequent and welcome guest on radio and TV shows. Gone are the days when Krüger was only considered “the crazy German” because of his passion for the Socceroos.
André Krüger is invited to official events of the Australian Football Association (FFA), is a guest of honor at international matches for the national team and is an important contact for the association. Some flights are sponsored. In the country he doesn't have to pay for hotels or food. To this day there is close, friendly contact with almost all of the players on the 74 team, especially with Peter Wilson. In 2006, André Krüger became the first and only person without an Australian passport to be inducted into Australia's Football Hall of Fame.

It all started as a hobby in the 70s. In the following years, Krüger painstakingly compiled facts about all Australian international matches in over 50 countries since their debut against New Zealand in 1922. He searched for information in the most remote corners of the world.
Years ago he published it all in a statistics book that is considered one of the premier encyclopedias of Australian football

· 1995 statistics book about all Australia's senior international matches since 1922
· 2000 Conducting the internationally recognized election Australia's Team of the Millennium
· 2001 Honor from the National Library of Australia, Canberra, for the preparation of the History of Soccer Australia
· 2003 award from the Goethe Institute Melbourne for the website The Southern Cross
· 2003 TV guest during the broadcast of the qualifying game Uruguay vs. Australia
· 2003 Guest speaker for 30 years of World Cup qualification 1973-03 Sydney, honor for his life's work, received by the 74 World Cup team
· 2005 guest on the ARD Sportschau with Netzer and Delling, Confederations Cup in Frankfurt
· 2006 Sydney, awarded by the FFA association with induction into the Australian Football Hall of Fame
· 2006 FFA Australia and FIFA honor card for all World Cup games in Germany
· 2006 FIFA World Cup Ambassador, Australian national team special magazine
· 2006 own exhibition for the World Cup in the Kreissparkasse Öhringen with over 5,000 visitors
· 2006 the band Pozor Vlak released the song “Crazy Krueger” in the summer and 2 years later on vinyl as a limited edition
· 2006 entry in Wikipedia Australia English version
· 2008 honor from the mayor of the city of Öhringen together with Rale Rasic, World Cup coach 74
· 2013 Invitation 40 years of World Cup qualification in Hong Kong.
· 2013 photo book “The Socceroos - from Hong Kong to Berlin”
· 2014 book on the history of the Socceroos, program booklet for the World Cup in Brazil, sponsor OutbaxSpirit Hannover
· 2015 entry in Wikipedia Germany
· 2019 entry in Wikipedia under >>well-known German names Krüger
· 2023 Invitation of the Mayor of Sydney to City Hall. Award 50 years of Pioneers World Cup qualification 1973-2023

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