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The Southern Cross, why did I choose this name?
The Southern Cross is a star-formation of the southern skies, only able to be seen from south of the equator. It has fascinated people since the first human days. It has shown sailors and explorers the way into and safely from their uncertain visits to foreign parts.

The Southern Cross will always be a memory for me of my time in the countries of the southern hemisphere and on the great southern oceans of this earth. In my view it is a beautiful, exotic name, and so one after which I name my first home page.

What you'll see on this site are details of my hobbies and interests, developed over the course of my life. In the following paragraphs I provide a brief explanation about each of these areas.

The Socceroos Australian national soccer team. Australia qualified for the World Cup Finals in Germany in 1974. The reason for the formation of my site. Through these pages, you will remember that time and you will see many unpublished pictures from those days. It was the first time Australia has qualified for the men's World Cup Finals.
Peter Wilson was captain of the Socceroos many years ago. His life, his unique career, as well as why exactly he has so interested me, is extensively covered here. It took me several decades to collect this data.
The Lloyd Sydney is a ship in which I travelled the seven oceans over the period of a year. Her life, from her construction up to her tragic end, is described here.

You may ask, "When will this home page be completed?". I can never clearly answer that. The information in my archives, the ideas in my head, the various histories too many to quickly write down - the large quantity of photos that collect dust in cartons, waiting to be scanned - offers a never-ending data flow.

I think it is worthwhile. And so too may you if you are interested in these various threads. It may also bring back memories for you. And maybe you will also see a new picture or a story next time you visit.

I wish all visitors much fun on the pages of "The Southern Cross." If you would like to post me about any of these pages, even to offer a correction or a simple comment, I would be grateful for your contact. 

Greetings from Hannover, enjoy
yours   André!

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