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  André Krüger

inducted into the Australian football Hall of Fame in 2006
Roll of Honour (meritorious)






wurde André Krüger aus Hannover in die Hall of Fame des australischen Fussball aufgenommen. Krüger ist der einzige Deutsche dem diese Ehre zuteil wurde.

The Football Federation Australia's Football Hall of Fame was formed in 1996 as the Soccer Hall of Fame to honour outstanding services to association football in Australia.

There are three separate levels of awards, with different but equivalent levels for contributions made 'on the pitch' and those made 'off the pitch'

Hall of Champions    (players) / Hall of Honour (non-players)
Medal of Excellence (players) / Roll of Honour (non-players)
Award of Distinction (players) / Roll of Honour (non-players)

To be inducted into the Hall of Fame is a highly prestigious honour.

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